Meet the Maker

Brooke Kucel

Owner, Jewelry maker

Step into the world of Green Grove Jewelry, where we give spoons a stylish second life! I'm Brooke – the heart and soul behind our small jewelry brand. My passion for jewelry and upcycling has blossomed into the adventure you see before you.

My journey started with a spoon ring I stumbled upon in one of West Virginia's old antique shops. The ring was more than an accessory; it was a story wrapped around my finger. It drew eyes, sparked conversations, and quickly became my signature piece.

During my countless visits to jewelry stands, soaking in the craftsmanship and tales of artisans, a particular jeweler struck a chord within me. Her story reignited fond memories and a childhood fascination with the allure of jewelry – how it can complete a look, evoke elegance, and instill confidence.

And thus, Green Grove Jewelry sprang into being. Here, we transform silverware from merely functional to fashionably formative, crafting each piece with love. Our collection is a testament to beauty and sustainability, where style meets eco-consciousness.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with Green Grove Jewelry. Let's embrace the grace and narrative of spoon jewelry and the self-assurance it bestows. Here, every piece invites you to wear a story inspired by the very fabric of our world.